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San Jacinto Valley Cemetery District
(An Endowment Care Cemetery)

The office is located in the center of
the Cemetery grounds at
2555 Santa Fe
San Jacinto, CA 92583

Mail inquires to:
San Jacinto Valley Cemetery District
P.O. Box 505
San Jacinto, CA 92581

Phone (951) 658-4923
FAX (951) 652-3643

In the heart of the San Jacinto Valley sits the San Jacinto Valley Cemetery District. With it's park like setting it is a focal point of the San Jacinto Valley. The history of the Valley can be traced back to many generations of pioneer, farming and ranching families that are buried here. The earliest burials date back to mid 1800's. The Cemetery has approximately 24,000 burials. Among them are more than 2,300 Veterans dating back to the Civil War. The San Jacinto Valley Cemetery became a district as of September 15, 1917. The Riverside County Board of Supervisors appoints the Board of Trustees to the San Jacinto Valley Cemetery District and the Board of Trustees oversees the management of the cemetery.

The Cemetery's everyday operations are run by the Manager. The Cemetery consists of 50 acres, with 5 acres that are undeveloped in the Northern portion of the Cemetery which extend to Midway Street. The San Jacinto Valley Cemetery District receives a small portion of property tax, but relies on payment of services for the majority of it's operating budget. Development of new burial plots continue as the need arises. The Cemetery management and the San Jacinto Valley Cemetery District Board of Trustees will continue to seek as many avenues as possible for funding, so we may continue to provide quality service to the community as the Cemetery and the San Jacinto Valley continue to grow and prosper.

SB 272 Enterprise System Catalog
Posted July 23, 2018

District Data and Public Accessibility

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San Jacinto Valley Cemetery District - 2555 Santa Fe St., SanJacinto, Calif. 92583  Phone: 951-658-4923 - Office Hours 7:30 am-4:00 pm Monday - Friday and Cemetery Grounds Hours 7:30 am-10:00 pm Daily
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